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5 Instagrammable Spots in Finland

Finland is a country that boasts some of the most stunning natural scenery and unique cultural experiences. For those who are looking to capture the most Instagram-worthy moments, here are 5 most photogenic spots in Finland:

  1. Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi Located in Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, Santa Claus Village is a perfect spot for Instagram lovers. The village is home to Santa Claus, where you can take a photo with him or his reindeer. You can also cross the Arctic Circle and explore the Christmas-themed shops and restaurants.

  2. Helsinki Cathedral Helsinki Cathedral is one of the most iconic landmarks in the capital city of Finland. The beautiful neoclassical architecture and the tall white columns make this cathedral a popular spot for Instagrammers. The best time to capture the most beautiful moments is during sunrise or sunset.

  3. The Northern Lights is one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena in the world, the Northern Lights, is a must-see in Finland. Head to Lapland, Kilpisjärvi, or sometimes South Finland for your best chance at capturing this Instagram-worthy moment. It's hard to predict when and where the aurora borealis will appear, so be sure to plan accordingly.

  4. Reindeer Farm in Rovaniemi is another Instagrammable spot. When you are in Rovaniemi, visit a Reindeer Farm. Here you can feed and pet these beautiful animals while enjoying the stunning views of the Finnish wilderness. It's a unique experience that you won't want to miss.

  5. Ski Resort in Levi: Levi is the largest ski resort in Finland and is located in Lapland. It's a great spot for Instagrammers who love winter sports and scenic views. The resort has ski runs for all levels of skiers, as well as other activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing, and reindeer sleigh rides.

Whether you're interested in capturing the natural beauty of Finland or its unique culture, these Instagram-worthy spots are sure to inspire. Be sure to pack your camera and happy traveling!


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