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How It Works

  • I know exactly where to go to receive accurate, up-to-date information and can offer multiple travel options for you. I work for you–not the travel supplier, so my first concern is always your unique needs. As a travel agent, I have a passion for helping others see the world. I love sharing my knowledge, experience, and connections to make travel planning straightforward and stress-free.


    By sharing my firsthand experience, I can suggest the destinations, ships, or resorts that are best for you. Think of me as your go-to resource for the most exciting activities to do and the most stress-free way to get there.

  • At Sea Bright Travels, I take the hassle out of trip planning. Plan your itinerary effortlessly with my expert guidance. I offer a seamless experience, ensuring every detail aligns with your travel goals. Planning a vacation with me will save time, money, spare you the frustration of searching for yourself. Why spend time browsing dozens of websites, when you can contact one person for all your travel needs?

  • Finding the perfect accommodation is a breeze with Sea Bright Travels. Explore my curated selection of accommodations that cater to various preferences and budgets. I provide detailed information, including pricing, duration, and locations, to make your booking process smooth and stress-free. Whether you crave a luxurious stay or a cozy retreat, Sea Bright Travels ensures that your accommodation aligns seamlessly with your travel aspirations.

  • Dive into local experiences that go beyond the typical tourist attractions. My service opens the door to authentic encounters, unique activities, and cultural immersion.


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You're Probably Wondering

  • Why should I plan my travel with you?
    Expert Guidance: Benefit from firsthand experience to receive personalized destination recommendations. Value: Dedicated to offering the best possible value, not just the best deal. Personalized Service: I get to know your unique preferences and vacation style for a tailored experience. Customer Advocate: In the rare case of issues during your trip, I am available to assist and resolve problems. Time Savings: Save time, money, and avoid frustration by contacting one person for all your travel needs. Unbiased Information: As an independent agent, I offer unbiased information and multiple travel options.
  • What do you provide beyond the mentioned reasons?
    I'm here to take the hassle and guesswork out of your trip, ensuring you make the most of your vacation time. From expert recommendations to personalized service, I'm dedicated to enhancing your travel experience.
  • Does it cost money to use you as a Travel Specialist?
    I work for you–not the travel supplier, so my first concern is always your unique needs. I am legally not allowed to charge you a commission for travel while living in the state that I live in. Does researching and booking every aspect of your trip, from flights to accommodations, entertainment, and excursions, is easy might not hold true. What if a flight gets delayed, more people join your group, or hidden fees surface in that seemingly sweet deal you found? While travel agents earn commissions, it's paid by the supplier they book with, not by you. If you're already making the purchases on your own, it makes sense to collaborate with a professional who can enhance your trip with a few clicks or by contacting the right person. Travel agents invest time in understanding your travel preferences, researching destinations and airlines, fact-checking, and curating personalized itineraries for you. In the end, working with a travel agent not only saves you a significant amount of time but also provides the invaluable service of enhancing your travel experience.
  • Talking to a travel agent is similar to speaking with salesmen or saleswomen
    Not true. A lot of travel agents, myself included, come from diverse professional backgrounds before entering the travel industry, allowing us to truly understand your needs. I'm genuinely enthusiastic about working with you because our authentic conversations help uncover your vacation preferences, aspirations, and dreams, ensuring I craft the perfect trip for you, time after time. My aim isn't just to conclude our relationship after organizing an amazing adventure; I want to be your trusted guide for every vacation you travel on in the future.
  • Traveling with large groups or extended trips is the only time using a travel agent is worth it
    Not true. While it's undoubtedly satisfying to work with a travel agent for significant trips like your dream honeymoon or a multi-generation adventure, that same level of satisfaction should be experienced even for the simplest vacations. Consider this scenario: booking a trip to Europe in August, only to discover that many tourist hotspots and local businesses are closed for holiday. Travel agents play a crucial role in guiding you on the best and worst seasons for low-key destinations. They can arrange your transportation, uncover hidden fees and cancellation policies, and provide insights into the type of crowd you can expect on your two-week cruise, and so much more.
  • Travel agents are becoming extinct since everything is user-friendly and easy to DIY
    Not accurate. The travel industry is thriving, largely due to its user-friendly and do-it-yourself (DIY) nature. Travel agents often travel on familiarization trips (FAM trips) to newly renovated hotels and resorts, providing them with firsthand experience of what clients can expect in a new destination. While travelers might not require this level of detail, these FAM trips give agents exclusive access and an insider's perspective, equipping them with profound knowledge and expertise to enhance their service when working with clients.
San Pedro Chile

Researching options, coordinating details, and finding answers to your travel questions is time-consuming. Let me do the legwork for you!

Save Time

Sometimes a good “deal” can be a big disappointment. I work hard to make sure you get the best value for your travel dollar.


I provide my clients with customized suggestions based on their individual preferences and budget. Instead of a list of search engine results, you have a personal travel planner.

Personal Service:

As a travel professional, I continually update my knowledge and industry certifications. Whenever possible, I offer first-hand knowledge about destinations and travel products.

Expert Guidance:

Despite expert planning, unexpected travel delays and complications can occur. When that happens, I’m here to provide guidance and be your advocate.


I offer small business service, backed by partnerships with the most influential suppliers and organizations in the travel industry. For my clients, it’s the best of both worlds!


Working with a travel advisor is about much more than just making your travel reservations. My services include supporting you from start to finish. Have a question or concern about your upcoming vacation? Want to add a special touch or unique experience to your plans? Hit an unexpected snag during your trip? I am only a phone call away!​

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