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Creating Experiences of a Lifetime

San Pedro Chile

Hey friends, I'm Liz – the heart and soul behind this travel space. My journey began in my kid years, and now, on passport number 3, I've explored 16 countries across 4 continents.


But here's the thing, that's just 8% of the big, beautiful world. I often find myself constantly in awe of the vastness of our planet. With 44 dream destinations etched on my bucket list, I'm on a mission to cover all 195 (... to the safest of my ability).


Why am I pouring my travel passion into this space ? Because I want you to feel the bliss I've felt. There's something extraordinary about every place, and I'm here to share those moments with you. I want to share the joy, the lessons, and the beauty of the places I've been.

I've had the pleasure of planning and booking over 6 trips across our globe. I've also visited many all-inclusive resorts and have had my fair share of cruises, including a 2 week Transatlantic to Spain.


Travel is more than a passion; it's my wellspring of inspiration and boundless joy. Through these stories, my sincere hope is to inspire you to break free from the routine of day-to-day life and uncover the greater wonders that await beyond the familiar horizon.


This is a place for learning, for discovering your next destination. And if you're ready to turn your bucket list dreams into reality, whether seeking practical insights or looking to book your next adventure, you're in the right place.


If you've found your inspiration but need helping planning your travels to get there, I will be happy to help you plan a trip to your bucket list destination.

This Is Us



Job Title.

CEO & Founder

The heart and soul of Sea Bright Travels. My passion is two-fold: I'm here to inspire your travels, fueling your desire for journeys, and to be your go-to guide in reaching those dream destinations. What makes Sea Bright Travels stand out is more than just my extensive travel experience – it's my authentic desire to spark that same travel bug in you. After exploring many corners of the globe, I've gained invaluable firsthand insights that uniquely position me to guide you on your own incredible adventures.



Job Title.

Fiancé AKA Photographer, Videographer, Prop Guy, My Favorite Human



north Chile mountain view

My purpose is crystal clear:


I want to be your source of inspiration for journeys and your trusted guide to reaching those dream destinations.


What makes Sea Bright Travels unique?


I'm not just sharing stories—I've expirienced travel, and I'm here to pass that wisdom to you.

At Sea Bright Travels, I live and breathe the belief that travel is not just a destination; it's an experience that changes you.


My commitment is to inspire your travels and provide the guidance needed to turn your bucket list dreams into reality.


With a unique blend of personal experiences, curated content, and thoughtful advice, Sea Bright Travels is more than a business—it's a community.


This is a space where inspiration meets practicality, and every trip becomes an opportunity for growth and discovery.

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