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Insights into Gen Z Travel Trends

In tune with the emerging trend of 'in and out' lists, StudentUniverse, a travel booking site catering to students and young adults, took a look into data from its forthcoming 'The State of Student Travel in 2024' study to pinpoint the emerging trends among Gen Z travelers this year.

Here's a snapshot of their findings:

Gen Z's Openness about Mental Health

Gen Z is notably forthright about mental health issues compared to other generations. In 2024, they are leveraging travel as a means to reset and rejuvenate. A significant majority (93 percent) of young adults believe that travel experiences can significantly impact emotional well-being, with travelers returning from trips feeling less anxious and more hopeful.

TikTok as a Source of Travel Inspiration

TikTok emerges as the primary social media platform for Gen Z travelers seeking inspiration in 2024. Video content on TikTok reigns supreme over platforms like Google and Instagram when it comes to travel planning. With a vast majority (88 percent) following at least one travel influencer, this demographic is expanding their travel horizons and discovering new destinations through the platform.

Environmental Consciousness

Despite the climate crisis, Gen Z remains committed to travel while actively seeking to minimize their carbon footprint. Half of travelers prioritize bookings with environmentally responsible companies, and over half engage with eco-friendly organizations at their destination.

Trends on the Decline

Less Party, More Experience

Gen Z, drinking 20 percent less than Millennials, is embracing sober-curious travel in 2024. Many young travelers opt for alcohol-free trips focused on sightseeing and cultural experiences, steering clear of heavy drinking and clubbing to make the most of their travels.

International Exploration

With a growing desire to broaden their perspectives, Gen Z travelers from the U.S. are venturing beyond domestic borders in 2024. Italy, Japan, and Greece top the list of sought-after international destinations.

Personalized Experiences

This new generation of travelers seeks experiences beyond the mainstream.


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