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Hidden Tuscany: Hidden Gems in Italy

While Florence and Chianti draw tourists year-round, there's a wealth of Tuscany waiting to be explored beyond the well-trodden paths. La Maremma, nestled in this picturesque region, remains a hidden treasure frequented by Italian vacationers, boasting medieval villages, rolling hills, and Tyrrhenian coastline beaches. This area also produces local wines and olive oils, while remnants of Etruscan castles, churches, and tombs add layers of historical intrigue.

Here are three hidden gems in La Maremma:

The Tufa Towns

Pitigliano, Sorano, and Sovana, collectively known as the "Tufa Towns," perch dramatically on cliffs amidst the Tuscan landscape. Carved from porous rock during the Etruscan era, these villages offer enchanting streets, squares, and buildings. Begin your journey in Pitigliano, exploring its Jewish Quarter and winding alleys, or delve into Sovana's ancient churches and Sorano's city walls. Indulge in Maremma's culinary delights, including truffles, olive oils, wine, and the local specialty, "sfratti.


An hour's drive from the Tufa Towns lies Saturnia, famed for its natural hot springs, Cascate di Mulino. Believed to possess healing powers since ancient times, these thermal pools cascade in mineral-rich hues. Early morning visits offer a tranquil ambiance amidst buttery Tuscan light and steaming pools. Explore Saturnia's rich history and dine at local eateries before indulging in relaxation at Terme di Saturnia Resort and Spa.

Monte Argentario

Southwest along the Maremma coast lies Monte Argentario, a peninsula renowned for its beaches, towns, and history. Explore Orbetello's lagoon and Saturday market before venturing to Porto Ercole, a charming fishing village with culinary delights. The coastal drive along Via Panoramica offers breathtaking views and insights into Etruscan culture. Consider a boat tour to Giglio and Giannutri islands for added exploration. For accommodation, consider Country Relais La Mortella in Porto Ecole, a romantic retreat amidst Mediterranean greenery.

Spring offers ideal weather and fewer crowds for this Tuscan adventure.


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