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Art, History, and Food Await You on Vacation

As a travel agent, I spend a lot of time talking about destinations. I research the next best place to visit and stay on top on information that travelers need to know. Often clients come to me requesting vacations in certain places because “they’ve heard about this thing that they have to experience.” And that’s what traveling is all about: Experiencing another destination’s culture.


From the classic works of renaissance artists like the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel to the works of modern creators, the world is full of inspiring art. Planning your next adventure to see these works is a way to truly connect with your creative side.


Perhaps art isn’t your thing, but history is! Can you imagine marveling at the ruins left standing from civilizations long ago? Have you always wanted to explore the home of your ancestors? There are places that call out to us because of the stories they can tell us. Travel empowers us to step into these stories and write our own histories of a place. 


Are you the one in your group who’s always got a new restaurant to try? Or do you dare to try a new recipe or spices in the kitchen? When we travel, it’s not just about the sights of the destination, but the flavors too! From champagne in France to fish and chips in England, food engages our senses in new ways and makes memories that last long past dessert.

Travel is as much about the places we go as it is about the experiences that we have. It’s my top priority as your travel agent to help you make the most of your time wherever your travels take you.

Have you always wanted to do something like this? Or maybe you’re inspired to learn more? Let’s set up a time to chat!


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